26 Short Street, Bendigo, Victoria 3550, AUSTRALIA

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We are a dedicated gluten free bakery, offering what is believed by numerous customers to be unrivaled gluten free bakery goods.

New Freedom Bakery is a dedicated gluten free bakery, offering what is believed by numerous customers to be unrivaled gluten free baked goods.

After 17 years of research and development and years on the drawing board looking for the right staff and a suitable site, we are thrilled to now provide what so many have been craving decent breads, pastries, cakes and slices baked and served in a dedicated environment to prevent contamination.

New Freedom Gluten Free Bakery uses Tru-Dough mixes in all its baked goods, along with special honed skills of the bakers and pastry chef to give the products the texture, taste and keeping comparable to typical wheat based versions.

Bakery goods made from batters which would normally require a dough, may still look good, but they simply do not have the feel, texture and character of the wheat-based products we know so well. A great gluten-free wheat-free alternative still requires a flexible dough to maintain that feel, texture and memorable eating experience.

Call in for a true fresh bakery experience, or order the Tru-Dough bread mix online to make your own!

New Freedom is open 8.00am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday

and 9.00am-1.00pm Saturdays.



Brad Barker is the hard working genius behind all of the pastries, slices, and other patisserie  that daily feed our grateful and hungry customers. Brad's experience at Gillies and Country Cakes along with his frenetic pace and capacity to adapt and trial new things makes him a key to the success of the bakery. Brad also plays the banjo (not while baking)... and many other instruments.


Sue McKinnon's warm and friendly manner belies her skills and ability to tune into customer and staff needs. Her attention to detail and quick learning capacity supports Sue's new management  position as she maintains numerous daily systems and procedures. Sue is also a keen health and fitness devotee and has completed marathons!



Terry Hunter's passion for developing truly edible and healthy gluten-free breads began some 25 years ago. Finally, with the discovery of a formula that produces excellent breads some 6 years ago, he established the bakery as a "test" centre to see just how far this mix could be pushed to make a whole range of gluten-free baked goodies. The trials continue and so does Terry's experimenting along with the excellent bakery staff.



Trevor McKinnon brings experience as a pastry chef from high end city hotels and regional bakeries, as well as time building a small business in sour-dough breads. Trevor is a keen runner and trains for and competes in marathons ... for fun!



Courtney Cornell provides the driving energy and know-how to keep the wheels turning in the breads section of the bakery. It is no small feat to keep on top of the daily baking schedules and production that sees us turn over more than 120,000 bread units annually. "Courts" is also our sports news encyclopedia.