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Low Glycemic Index breads!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Great news and a major milestone for NFB...

Sydney University tests recently declared our white breads (yes white breads!) as having a low Glycemic Index with a score of 50.

This means the bread will not spike your blood glucose but rather provide slow energy release making it a healthy choice for everyone... not just the gluten intolerant.

White breads have traditionally been declared a very unhealthy choice due to its causing a rapid increase in blood glucose levels making it a high risk food causing a range of serious health issues.
We're sure our customers will be equally thrilled with this news.


We're now asking the question... do we have the world's healthiest white bread....
Your research is welcome.

A quote from the Glycemic Foundation website for those wanting further information...
Consuming good quality carbohydrates aka Low GI ones help to facilitate the management of diabetes, weight loss and weight loss management and reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, diabetes complications and other chronic lifestyle diseases. In fact a low GI diet provides health benefits for everybody across all stages of life.

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