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A New Year at New Freedom

Thursday, December 19, 2013

We've been working hard this year to bring you the best gluten-free bread, cakes and pastries in the universe and we are so grateful for your support, feedback, and your enjoyment of what we have to offer.

Thanks for a great first 14 months. We've produced over 120,000 breads and patisseries at our little bakery in that time and have introduced many new products which no-one thought possible for gluten-free.

Our flaky pastry - which works perfectly for our vanilla slices is also the key to our (still coming!) sausage rolls and pasties. A new level of equipment is being sourced to help us keep up with the expected demand and we promise you will have had nothing gluten-free like our flaky pastries whether as the base of our vanilla slices or the wrap for our sausage rolls and pasties.

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