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Returns, Refunds, Delivery Policy

Returns, Refunds and Deliveries
If you receive an item that appears unsatisfactory, you may notify us within 2 days of receiving the product and we will work together with you to determine the best way to solve the issue.
We may ask that you return the product to us, as part of our quality assurance, and once found to be defective, we will gladly replace the item or provide a refund. If you’re unable to return the item, please send a photo by email.

In determining any replacement, discount, or refund, New Freedom Bakery reserves the right to take into account the following:
1. any discounts already applied to the item/s
2. if damaged in transit, whose responsibility it might be (e.g. given the nature of fragile fresh baked products, and, considering we are not a wholesale bakery and out-of-town customers may use a variety of their own freight options, we cannot always pack product in optimal sized cartons to ensure product arrives in perfect condition)

3. the degree of loss that the customer may suffer as part of the whole order

Whilst we will always endeavour to provide prompt delivery of your order, any unforeseen delays once the products leave our premises, are beyond our control and does not enable an automatic cancellation of the order, nor are we responsible for any damage or loss incurred as a result of delayed delivery.
If an order has taken longer than you’d expect, please call us immediately on 03 54416248 and we will track the order for you and inform you of its progress.